Audacity Dev resources

This documentation is geared toward directing developers to any relevant information that they may need to access efficiently/quickly without having to spend too much time searching through nested links.

Most Pertinent Information

New to open source? Check out Introduction to Audacity development

The go-to place for information for contributors is the Contributing Documentation. Some other sources for important information that may be necessary or useful as a developer are listed below:

General Audacity Information

This section is geared toward general information on how to use the software in its current state.

Other Contributions to Audacity

This section focuses on information regarding contributions to Audacity other than source code work like bug fixes, completing issues, and adding/working on new features. One pertinent part of non-coding contributions for Audacity focuses on creating task-based tutorials. So, a tutorial that shows users how to perform specific tasks with Audacity. Also, see the links below for similar information:

  • Contributing to Audacity - Page from Audacity's support community that provides links and information for the different ways to contribute to Audacity (other than just coding contributions).

  • Tutorial Style Guide - Page regarding the style and standards expected for tutorial contributions.

New Developers

Note: Audacity is currently undergoing major restructuring. It currently is not an easy project to contribute code to, especially if you're new to programming.

For those who are looking to make their first contribution to Audacity see the Good First Issues label under the issues tab. Similarly, see the contribute page with issues specifically geared to new contributors.

Build instructions can be found in

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